SkyWest Airlines is Your Career Destination

SkyWest Airlines is the career destination for more than 13,000 professionals who are literally "going places" with their careers.

While our business reputation is based upon our stability, operational and fiscal savvy, the true essence of SkyWest's success has always been our people. We operate in a customer-focused, team-based environment and provide limitless opportunities for dedicated individuals to move their career in positive directions. Bring your positive attitude, skills and commitment to the SkyWest team and take your career to new heights!

Welcome aboard the greatest flight of your life!

Be aware that fraudulent websites may attempt to acquire your personal information. When applying for a position at SkyWest, we recommend you always start at and Keep in mind:

  • • SkyWest Airlines will not ask you to share sensitive information through social media messages.
  • • SkyWest Airlines does not require mobile facial identification.

Recruiting Events

Career Benefits


Employees and eligible family members have unlimited space-available travel privileges on SkyWest’s vast route system and the opportunity to travel at substantially reduced fares with other carriers. 

Health Insurance

All full-time SkyWest employees have the opportunity to select a health plan from a number of options including a PPO and consumer-driven health plans with HSA. Dental and vision plans are also available. Click here for UnitedHealthcare’s Transparency in Coverage. 


SkyWest offers 401(k) plans with generous matching, a stock purchase plan and quarterly companywide Performance Rewards program that allow employees to share in the Company’s operational and financial success. 

Disability and Life Insurance

SkyWest provides all eligible full-time employees with life insurance at no cost to the employee. Additional life insurance options are available. SkyWest also protects employees during unexpected situations when they may be unable to work due to illness or injury. They have a long term disability program that is paid entirely by SkyWest, as well as two optional short-term disability programs.

Time Away From Work

SkyWest provides eligible employees with a variety of resources that promote scheduling flexibility and allow them to take paid time away from work, including user hours, vacation hours, and leave of absence programs.

Employee Assistance Program

SkyWest provides an employee assistance program at no cost to employees. The plan confidentially assists you and your family members is overcoming problems that may affect you at home or work such as drug or alcohol dependency, marital difficulties, financial counseling or psychiatric care.

Employee Spotlight

Captain David Lund

SkyWest CRJ Captain David Lund exemplified SkyWest’s guiding principles of showing respect and providing excellent service by turning a bad day for a passenger into his best flight ever. After forgetting an item while going through security, the passenger did not realize his mistake until he was boarding his flight. After notifying the flight attendant – who then notified the gate agent – TSA confirmed they had the passengers missing item. However, there was not enough time to go back for it. That was until Captain Lund found out about it and sprinted through the airport to pick up the item with just seconds to spare. Captain Lund not only went the extra mile, but made a lasting impression on the frequent flyer who noted that he’s “rarely seen such an act of amazing customer service.”

Alexander Garcia

Handy, inventive, speedy, intelligent and resourceful are words Alexander Garcia’s teammates use to describe him. A great mechanic not only makes accurate repairs, but keeps the crew informed of the progress and the expected timeline for completion. Crews flying in and out of Chicago know they can expect this from Alexander Garcia.

Alexis Crockett

Alexis is relatively new to the SkyWest family, but has already built a solid reputation as a team player with a heart of gold. One coworker said about Alexis, “she is an inspiring woman…her kindness and love have not only touched me but those around us…it is a pleasure working with her.”

Job Application Support

If you experience any difficulties submitting a job application, please follow the link below to review system requirements and some frequently asked questions.

Equal Opportunity Employer

SkyWest is a committed equal opportunity employer and was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign in the 2016 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as a top employer for workplace equality. We do not hire employees based on identification or supposed identification with any group of people. Instead, it is our goal to base hiring on a prospective employee’s character, attitude, skills, work record, training, experience and education. Further, our commitment to diversity encompasses employment of individuals who may be disabled.

SkyWest maintains an Affirmative Action Plan, including active employment of minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities. SkyWest makes positive contributions to the communities we serve, and encourage our employees to do the same. SkyWest internship programs, scholarship programs and our participation in various civic and charitable activities are of paramount importance.

SkyWest is committed to maintaining a working environment of satisfying employment and mutual respect for all of our employees, regardless of race, color, national ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, religion, medical condition, disability, pregnancy, age or military status. We have specific training plans and programs in place to maintain such an environment.