Become a SkyWest Flight Attendant!

The primary role of every SkyWest flight attendant is to ensure the safety of our passengers, as well as providing the best possible customer experience, while onboard our aircraft. A flight attendant’s responsibilities include caring for our passengers, along with customer service duties such as serving meals and drinks. This is a dynamic and exciting position that allows you to travel, meet new challenges, and be invigorated every day as you portray the essence of SkyWest to our customers, our people!

Recruiting Events

No invitation is required to attend a flight attendant group interview; however, applicants must complete an online application and should review the flight attendant job requirements prior to attending.

The length of this event will depend on the number of applicants and can last several hours or more, please plan accordingly. SkyWest does not provide travel or lodging for those attending a group interview, all expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.

Domicile Map

Am I Ready to Apply?


Flight attendants are guaranteed a minimum of 76 flight hours per bid period as a reserve after completing initial training. Reserve flight attendants typically fly between 76-120 flight hours per monthly bid period depending on operational need. Flight hours are based on block-to-block time. They begin when the main cabin door is closed and the aircraft brake is released, and ends upon arrival when the aircraft brake is set and the main cabin door is opened. Additionally, flight attendants are paid $2.25 per diem for every hour they are on duty away from their domicile. On average, this is an additional $4,387.50 per year.

Pay Examples*

0-2 Years of Service
76 reserve hrs & 24 boardings/month
Flight Hour
Boarding Rate
0-2 Years of Service
80 hrs & 48 boardings/month
Flight Hour
Boarding Rate
2-3 Years of Service
80 hrs & 48 boardings/month
Flight Hour
Boarding Rate
3-4 Years of Service
80 hrs & 48 boardings/month
Flight Hour
Boarding Rate
*based on minimum reserve guarantee, not including per diem.

Current Scale

Start $28.86
After 2 Years $28.86
After 3 Years $30.20
After 4 Years $31.98
After 5 Years $33.12
After 6 Years $34.77
After 7 Years $36.26
After 8 Years $37.56
After 9 Years $38.64
After 10 Years $39.73
After 11 Years $40.78
After 12 Years $41.47
After 13 Years $42.50
After 14 Years $43.06
After 15 Years $43.59
After 16 Years $44.15
After 17 Years $44.70
After 18 Years $45.26
After 19 Years $45.82
After 20 Years $46.23
After 21 Years $46.63
After 22 Years $47.04
After 23 Years $47.45
After 24 Years $47.86
After 25 Years $48.27

SkyWest flight attendants will receive the basic uniform pieces at no cost after successfully completing Initial New Hire training. They will also receive $5 each paycheck for uniform maintenance such as alterations and dry cleaning.

As a representative of SkyWest, our flight attendants are expected to follow all uniform and appearance guidelines. Extreme hair styles and colors are not permitted. Visible tattoos are permitted with limitations based on dimension and location. Tattoos that do not fall within these guidelines must be covered by the uniform or with skin tone compatible tattoo makeup. Bandages are not an approved form of tattoo coverage. Offensive tattoos must not be visible. Single stud nose piercings that are 2mm or smaller are allowed and two piercings are allowed per ear. Gauges must be plugged with clear or skin toned plugs and must not exceed ½”. Other facial, mouth, or tongue piercings are not permitted.

Each new flight attendant can expect to be on reserve until they build enough seniority to become a line holder. The time spent on reserve varies depending on the growth within the assigned domicile.

When a flight attendant is on reserve, they are on-call and expected to be available during assigned reserve blocks to cover trips due to sick calls, vacations, etc. While on reserve, flight attendants may be away from home up to five days a week and scheduled to work up to 14 hours each day.

If contacted to work a trip while on reserve, flight attendants must be checked in at the airport and ready for duty within two hours. It can be very difficult to commute while on reserve and it is highly recommended that flight attendants relocate to their assigned domicile. All assigned trips will begin and end in the assigned domicile.

SkyWest flight attendants on reserve will not exceed 19 duty days per month.


Initial New Hire Training: Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training is held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the SkyWest Airlines Hangar. The first phase of training will take place for 35 consecutive days with three non-consecutive days off. Training times will vary and can last up to 10 hours per day.

Training Compensation: Training is paid at 65 flight hours. If training is successfully completed, pay for the entire training period will be approximately $1,800. Crewmember pay dates are the 7th and 22nd of each month.

  • SkyWest will provide private hotel accommodations to trainees who live outside a 40-mile radius of the SkyWest training facility. Professional behavior is expected at all times throughout training, as well as at the training hotel.
  • A shuttle to and from the SkyWest hangar/training facility is provided.
  • Trainees should be prepared to cover all expenses during training outside of hotel accommodations and transportation to and from the training facility. Expenses include, but are not limited to, meals (including delivery costs), groceries, training attire and laundry facilities.
  • Additional costs to consider when financially preparing for your new career as a flight attendant include: relocation expenses, if you are not assigned a base in the city where you currently live; shoes; and luggage and a lunch bag that meet requirements (if not already purchased for training).
  • Trainees will not receive holiday or per diem pay while in training.
  • If applicable, domestic round trip air travel will be provided to and from Salt Lake City for training from a location our partners serve.
Home Study Packet

Trainees will receive a home study packet at least 10 days before attending Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training and will be tested on the contents during the first day. Failure to pass will result in dismissal from the training.


Domiciles will be assigned following the end of Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training. Assignments will be based on operational need, as well as company seniority. Those who prefer a different domicile than they are assigned may submit a transfer request after they have completed IOE. Transfer times vary depending on the growth in the desired domicile

Initial Operating Experience

The Initial Operating Experience (IOE) is the second phase of Flight Attendant Training.

Once IOE has been successfully completed, the new hire will be assigned a reserve work schedule at his/her assigned domicile. If relocation is required, the new hire will be given four days to relocate to the assigned domicile upon completion of initial new hire ground training (prior to IOE). SkyWest will provide up to three nights of hotel accommodations at a trainee’s domicile if needed.

Thirty to 90 days following IOE, the third and final phase of Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training will be conducted. This final phase, known as the Initial Line Check, must be completed with a satisfactory score.


Seniority is determined by the flight attendant’s date of hire (the first day of training) and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

SkyWest operates flights every day of the year, requiring flight attendants to work a rotating schedule with variable hours that include holidays and weekends. Flight attendants need to have the stamina needed to work up to 16 hours per day with frequent change in climate and weather conditions. The flight attendant position requires travel on a constant basis with exposure to air turbulence, dry air, varying noise levels from aircraft engines and working in confined spaces.