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SkyWest is serious about providing outstanding career opportunities in addition to world-class benefits like 401(k), Performance Rewards, health care, retirement and discounted travel worldwide. Bring your positive attitude, skills and commitment to the SkyWest team and take your career to new heights!

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Employee Spotlight

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Adela Lindeman
(CS) Customer Service

Adela Lindeman, a cross utilized agent in Carlsbad, California, is always working to educate herself on the legalities and procedures related to her job so that she is better able to assist passengers. This extra effort is why she was able to provide additional help for two passengers who were traveling to the funeral of a loved one and didn’t understand certain immigration laws. Adela’s insight helped eliminate the stress that can sometimes accompany the ticketing process. Overall, Adela’s personal approach to every customer demonstrates what she and all SkyWest employees work so hard to represent – a reliable product.

Employee Testimonials

"My dream to be a flight attendant came true one year ago when I was hired after a Salt Lake City interview. Since then, its been more than I could ask for. My friends I made during training will be friends for life. This company exceeds all of my expectations. I will strive to do my best."
~ Jennifer Mast
InFlight (PHX)

Equal Opportunity Employer

SkyWest Airlines: An Equal Opportunity Employer