Take Control of Your Pilot Career

SkyWest Airlines pilots have more opportunity, exposure and access than any other regional pilots, allowing them to truly Take Control of Their Pilot Careers. With 20 domiciles, a fleet of more than 425 aircraft and growing, and flying agreements with four mainline partners – United, Delta, American and Alaska – SkyWest offers the best quality of life for pilots. In addition to excellent pay, industry-leading profit sharing bonuses and 401(k) match, SkyWest pilots can upgrade in as little as three months (based on FAR Part 121-436 requirements). SkyWest also provides a $7,500 bonus for qualified pilots.* Join our team and Take Control of Your Pilot Career today. 

*See Requirements for more information.

Domicile Map

Domicile Map
First Officer
First Officer

The dates displayed are the most junior for each location.

Recruiting Events


Once an online application has been completed and approved, our recruitment team will reach out to schedule an interview. You may also meet with our team at one of our upcoming events, but attending a career or job fair is not required to receive an invitation to an interview.

The interview process for a flight job may include the following phases: 

CRM Scenario: The applicant will demonstrate their ability to perform in a Part 121 airline environment.

Behavioral-Based Interview: During this phase of the interview process, the following areas will be assessed: background, core values, leadership skills, ability, professionalism, etc. The candidate should come prepared with resume and copies of current first class medical, pilot license, driver’s license and passport.

Technical Interview: This phase will cover items including, but not limited to, Jeppesen chart knowledge, FARs, WX systems, CRM, etc. 

Debrief: This final phase of the interview process will consist of a debrief from the applicants’ perspective as well as the interview team.


In the event that the candidate does not successfully complete any phase, they will be released and may reapply at a later date.

Pathway Program

The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path for exceptional pilots with a desire to Take Control of their aviation careers. Enhanced seniority, guaranteed final interview and access to pilot mentors are just a few of the upgrades students can receive by joining the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program on their way to becoming one of SkyWest’s more than 4,000 professional pilots. 

Unlike an internship, the Pilot Pathway Program allows students to remain at their campus to complete their flight training until they are able to meet SkyWest’s Airline Transport Pilot standards. Each pilot is individually mentored by SkyWest pilots and may have the opportunity to participate in SkyWest recruiting events and outreach programs on their way to fulfilling commercial pilot jobs.

The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program prepares a clear path for pilots to launch their pilot career at SkyWest Airlines, where one enjoys the strong culture of professionalism, teamwork and success for which SkyWest is known. Why wait? Take Control of your pilot career now.



Program Highlights

Pathway Partners

SkyWest Pilot Must:

You meet the requirements! Please follow the link below to join our team.


Apply Now

A $7,500 bonus for pilots with current turbojet type rating is available upon completion of IOE. The $7,500 bonus is also available for qualified military pilots.

SkyWest will provide the means to complete a SkyWest-approved CTP course for those who complete an application and successfully pass the pilot interview.

SkyWest recognizes skills common to helicopter and glider flying and will accept helo/glider time as part of an applicant’s total time as long as they have a minimum of 250 hours of fixed wing.

No pilot who has been convicted of any criminal offense that will prohibit him/her of gaining Canadian clearance will be hired to fly.

Initially, most pilot new hires can expect to be placed on reserve, depending on the needs of individual domiciles. Regular reserve policy requires a two-hour call out. With a continually growing fleet and more than a dozen domiciles, all SkyWest pilots enjoy exceptional quality of life. 


SkyWest is known for one of the best pilot training programs in the industry. We focus on AQP curriculum, and our certified instructors are focused on professionalism and proficiency for every pilot. CRJ students can expect two weeks of ground school in the SLC training facility; while E175 pilots can expect two weeks of ground school  in the DEN training facility.

CRJ students can expect the entire training process to be completed in Salt Lake City with the exception of IOE. For the E175, simulator training is primarily available in Denver and St. Louis. 

During flight training, students will receive hotel accommodations. While occupancy with fellow students should be expected, students may request single rooms by accepting responsibility for half the accommodation expenses. Courtesy shuttle services operating to and from the training facility will be provided by the hotels.

SkyWest provides all pilot new hires with uniforms.

Minimum Hour Requirement

ATP Certificate Holder
(1,500 hours)
  • Be at least 23 years old
  • 500 hours of cross country
  • 100 hours of night
  • 75 hours of instrument
  • 25 hours of actual multi-engine
Restricted ATP Holder
(1,500 hours)
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • 200 hours of cross country
  • 100 hours of night
  • 75 hours of instrument
  • 25 hours of actual multi-engine
Restricted ATP Holder
(1,250 hours)
  • At least 21 years old
  • 30 semester credit hours of aviation-related coursework and transcripts
  • Associate degree from approved institution and proof of completion
  • 200 hours of cross country
  • 100 hours of night
  • 75 hours of instrument
  • 25 hours of actual multi-engine
  • Instrument Commercial Rating earned under Part 141 at approved institution
Restricted ATP Holder
(1,000 hours)
  • At least 21 years old
  • 60 semester credit hours of aviation related coursework and transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree from approved institution and proof of completion
  • 200 hours of cross country
  • 100 hours of night
  • 75 hours of instrument
  • Instrument commercial rating earned under
  • Part 141 at an approved institution
Restricted ATP Holder
(750 hours)
  • Military pilot
  • DD-214 Honorable Discharge or record of current service
Industry Experience Credit

Have experience with an FAR Part 121 Carrier? Upgrade Your Career and get paid for your experience. Join SkyWest's team of professional aviators and don't worry about pay - we will start your pay at a year-for-year match! That means that every year you have worked at a FAR Part 121 carrier counts towards your compensation and benefits (up to a 10 year rate). Plus, we're offering a $7,500 bonus for current RJ-type rated pilots. Come work for the best regional in the industry!

Credit will apply to pilot pay (up to 10 years), 401(k) match, profit sharing, and user/vacation accrual. Credit does not apply to seat, bidding or travel seniority. Proof of eligibility is required and must be approved through screening processes. The same application and rigorous interview process applies. This industry-leading program gives pilots a chance to Upgrade Their Careers by coming to SkyWest for better pay, better benefits, better opportunities and better quality of life.

*up to 10 years.