Training & Uniforms

Pilot Training

Ground School for both EMB and CRJ students will take place at SkyWest’s Salt Lake City training facility and will last for three weeks.

From there, EMB students will travel to Fresno, Calif. for an additional week of Flight Training Device (FTD) training. Students will then attend simulator training in Long Beach, Calif. for approximately one week. Once these trainings have been completed, an Initial Operating Experience (IOE) is set up and expected to be completed in 10-14 days.

CRJ students can expect the entire training process to be completed in Salt Lake City with the exception of their IOE.

During flight training, students will receive hotel accommodations. While occupancy with fellow students should be expected, students may request single rooms by accepting responsibility for half the accommodation expenses.

Courtesy shuttle services operating to and from the training facility will be provided by the hotels.

Pilot Uniforms

SkyWest Airlines provides all pilot new hires with uniforms.