Flight Attendant

Pay Scale

After successfully completing phase one and two of Initial New Hire training, new hire flight attendants will be guaranteed 75 flight hours per bid period as a reserve.

The gross pay figures below are based on a 75-flight-hour-guarantee per month.

Months of ServiceFlight Hour RateMonthlyAnnually
0-6 $17.50 $1,312.50 $15,750
6-12 $18.13 $1,359.75 $16,317
12-24 $21.30 $1,597.50 $19,170

Additionally, flight attendants are paid $1.80 per diem for every hour they are on duty away from their domicile. On average, this is an additional $3,600 per year.

Line holder's schedules average 87 flight hours per month.