Flight Attendant


SkyWest flight attendants will receive the basic uniform pieces at no cost after successfully completing Initial New Hire training. They will also receive $5 each paycheck for uniform maintenance such as alterations and dry cleaning.

As a representative of SkyWest, our flight attendants are expected to follow all uniform and appearance guidelines. This includes no extreme hair color or style. Tattoos must not be visible at any time while in uniform. Examples of visible tattoo locations include, but are not limited to, hands, arms, neck, face, legs and feet. Tattoos cannot be concealed by the use of makeup and/or bandages. While facial and upper ear piercings are also unacceptable, female flight attendants are permitted to have two lower-lobe piercings. Female flight attendants are also required to wear mascara and lipstick, or tinted lip gloss when in uniform.