Flight Attendant


Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training is held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the SkyWest Airlines Hangar. The first phase of training will take place for 31 consecutive days with two non-consecutive days off. Classroom instruction times will vary and can last up to 10 hours per day.

Flight Attendant Training Compensation

During the first phase of Initial New Hire, trainees will receive 65 flight hours per bid period (pay will be pro-rated as applicable). Crewmember pay dates are the 7th and 22nd of each month.

  • Trainees will not receive holiday pay while in training 
  • Per diem is not applicable while in Initial New Hire training 
  • SkyWest will provide lodging accommodations at double/triple occupancy for those living outside a 40-mile radius of the training center. Transportation from the hotel to the training center is provided daily, as well as transportation to the airport on the final day of training. 
  • Meals are the responsibility of the trainees 
  • Air travel will be provided to and from a SkyWest crew domicile and Salt Lake City for the training (if applicable)

Home Study Packet

Trainees will receive a home study packet at least 10 days before attending Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training and will be tested on the contents during the first day. Failure to pass will result in dismissal from the training.

Initial Operating Experience (IOE)

IOE is the second phase of Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training and will be scheduled to accommodate operational staffing needs. The length of time between the first phase and IOE will vary based on company need. IOE typically lasts 2-6 days depending on training qualifications needed.

Once IOE has been successfully completed, the new hire will be assigned a reserve work schedule at his/her assigned domicile. If relocation is required, the new hire will be given four days to relocate to the assigned domicile upon completion of initial new hire ground training (prior to IOE). SkyWest will provide up to three nights of hotel accommodations at a trainee’s domicile if needed.

Thirty to 90 days following IOE, the third and final phase of Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training will be conducted. This final phase, known as the Initial Line Check, must be completed with a satisfactory score.

Domiciles will be assigned following the end of Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training. Assignments will be based on operational need, as well as company seniority. Those who prefer a different domicile than they are assigned may submit a transfer request after they have completed IOE. Transfer times vary depending on the growth in the desired domicile. 


Seniority is determined by the flight attendant’s date of hire (the first day of training) and the last four digits of their Social Security number.